What sets us apart?

With so many different seamless gutter companies in the area, it can be hard to choose the right one for you. Factors to consider go beyond just price: quality of materials, quality of finished product, professionalism, customer satisfaction, and prompt service. We may be biased, but we feel that Stockbridge Seamless Gutters is the best choice. Why?

Personal Attention:

As the owners and operators of the company, we take pride in 100% customer satisfaction. From the initial phone call to the estimate, to the install, invoice and finally bill collection, Jason is the person you will speak with. With other companies, you may deal with a different face or voice every time you contact them, which has the potential for miscommunications and confusion. Personal care and attention to detail is his specialty.

Quality Materials and End Product:

Our products are backed by a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty. We use .032 gauge aluminum seamless gutters, cut to your home’s measurements. We primarily use 3 x4 inch downspouts to allow any potential debris to pass more easily. These handle larger volumes of rain, preventing overflow and blowouts from freezing in the winter.  Whenever necessary, we will install customized aluminum flashing under your existing drip edge. The flashing extends downward towards the gutter with  45 degree bend on the end ensuring that no water can travel behind the gutter from the roof. The gutters are fastened ever 8 inches on a flat fascia board with a hidden hanger every 16 inches.

Jason takes his time during each installation to ensure that each piece is installed correctly and looks pleasing. We encourage all of our clients to inspect the work upon completion and contact us with any concerns. Should any piece not meet your expectations, Jason will adjust it accordingly.

Prompt Service:

Being a smaller business, we have the benefit of a flexible schedule. With Stockbridge Seamless Gutters, you will never be scheduled months out unless you have specifically requested to do so. We schedule one to two jobs per day which means our clients are not waiting around for us to complete other work before beginning their job.


Stockbridge Seamless Gutters prices competitively within the local seamless gutter industry. We generally price gutter installations as a rate per linear foot (along the roofline). All downspouts, hangers, screws etc. are included in that per foot price.  There may be times when we are not the lowest price, however we are always open to negotiation.

Things to ask or be aware of when getting quotes

  • Are downspouts a separate cost from the gutters or is everything included
  • Thickness of the gutter material (.027 thinner, or .032 thicker)
  • We use a hemmed back gutter which provides extra rigidity and support (opposed to flat back)
  • Type of screw used in fastening and how far between each (Hex head stainless is the best)
  • What will be done to ensure water does not get behind the gutter (We use flashing)
  • Will you be charged for removal of old system
  • Absolutely no seams in K-style gutter (the only seams should be endcaps or turns a.k.a. mitres

Getting the best quality product and experience for a fair price is what we aim to provide our clients. As always, if you have any questions or would like to discuss our services, please call Jason at 603-393-5444 or email stockbridgejason@outlook.com.

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